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Media Kit



Diann helping out at Kevin J. Anderson's Wordfire
Press booth at Dallas ComicCon in May 2015.


Diann with Enrique Ramirez in January 2015. Enrique is the model for Akuleh in the upcoming graphic novel edition of The Seventh Shaman series. The amazing artist is Doug Fakkel, who also did the "promo poster" on the home page.


Joshua Essoe
Diann and Jon Read, at head of table, with Rebecca Moesta(left) and Kevin J. Anderson (right) at the Superstars Writing Seminar, February 2014.

David Mcfarland

My mentor David Farland, and fellow author mentees Monique Bucheger and Kary English at Superstars in CO in Feb 2014

Diann with Joshua Essoe, editor extraordinaire, at Superstars Writing Seminar in CO Springs, February 2014.

Colorado writing Seminar
(Left to right) Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, and James Artimus Owen,
three of the instructors at SSWS in CO.



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