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The Sergey Chronicles



Young Adult

When Tor Books originally published this trilogy in the late 1990s they called it The Saga of the Unified Worlds. It would have been more accurate to call it The Sergey Chronicles because it is, more than anything else, the story of one warrior family--Admiral Lujan Ansellic Sergey, his combat surgeon wife Captain Darcie Dartmuth, and their son, Tristan Sergey--who become caught at the fulcrum of interstellar politics and the demands of their military duty.


Wrenched apart and scattered across the galaxy by the brutalities of war, they face captivity, torture, coercion, and epic space battles to be reunited. Only then do their most devastating challenges begin. Having been separated by decades of time as well as light years of distance, each of them must confront his or her own internal demons to make their family truly whole again, and to defeat a new and more insidious threat to their civilization. Between deadly special operations missions and scenes of deep-cover political intrigue runs a thread that proves how much one family can accomplish with patience, forgiveness, trust, dedication, and unity of purpose.

Meet the heroes and villains of the The Sergey Chronicles military science fiction trilogy. Buy the omnibus (all three books in one download) here


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"A very good first novel,” wrote Orson Scott Card, “in which a youngster plunges into a demanding military environment and is forced to find out just how good he is. This novel is exemplary for showing how the effective military mind really works—you’ll find no romantic military nonsense here.”


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