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The Sergey Chronicles

ECHOES OF ISSELEchoes of Issel



In Echoes of Issel, Tristan Sergey, the teenage hero of Ganwold’s Child, has been reunited with his family. Tristan and Lujan Sergey, commander of the Special Forces and the father Tristan has never known, try to find some common ground on which to build a relationship. Another universe is gradually opening for Tristan when a new crisis occurs and he is pressed to volunteer for hazardous return to service. The alien masuk slavers are about to attack the Isselan star system and only Tristan, recently held hostage there by his father’s longtime nemesis, knows how to penetrate the planetary defenses. . . .



With this second volume, Thornley expands and deepens the personal relations in this military family, and the social and political structures of the Unified Worlds, as a new interstellar war threatens. “Thornley melds diplomatic intrigue, anthropological speculation, and military derring-do into an effective yarn. . . . Thornley’s elaborate plot is bolstered by vivid descriptions of unusually compelling characters. . . . She presents a richly imagined world that is truly alien while at the same time still understandable.” –Publisher’s Weekly

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