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The Sergey Chronicles




Admiral Lujan Sergey is Commander-in-Chief of the Unified Worlds’ special forces, the Spherzah, and a man with many enemies. At the signing of a controversial treaty with the Unified Worlds’ historical enemies, the Dominion, Lujan is critically injured in a terrorist attack. Damage to his central nervous system leaves him without most sensation or any control of his body. While he struggles to recover from his massive injuries he must rely on his family—his son Tristan and his wife, Captain Darcie Dartmuth—to help him root out a conspiracy orchestrated by the Chief Cabinet Minister of Issel to bring the Unified Worlds under Dominion subjugation. Only Lujan knows the full extent of the threat and he undertakes the most difficult battle of his life, fighting to overcome his physical incapacitation while he gathers the evidence needed to thwart the Isselan Minister’s plan.







In the past, when I considered important women writers of military science fiction, three names have stood out most prominently: C.J. Cherryh, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Elizabeth Moon. Now I will add Diann Thornley to my list. With each novel, it becomes more and more evident just how important she has become to this field.” —David Farland, NYT bestselling author of The Runelords series

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