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When teenage Akuleh's abusive stepmother blames him for the deaths of his father and a brother, he flees his shamanic society on a violent world called Tempest and lies about his age to join the military. He hopes the destiny he believes was imposed on him at his birth, of becoming the death-god Machitew, will impact only the enemy, not people he cares for.

Through the Seventh Shaman series, Akuleh (aka Ku) braves the galaxy's meanest instructor pilot, endures the prejudice of fellow pilot trainees, loses and finds love, and battles not only an enemy who threatens his homeworld's survival but also Machitew, who wants his soul.

Then, in an unexpected vision quest, his true destiny is revealed. Ku learns that his troubled life has great worth and a divine purpose, and he prepares to fulfill a role that will require his whole heart, mind, and soul.

Looking for gritty adventure on distant violent worlds? Tales that seize you by the collar and wrench you headlong into space combat or special operations missions? You’ve come to the right place. Whether leading a Special Forces team with Tristan Sergey to rescue hostages from the alien masuk slavers in her military science fiction trilogy, The Sergey Chronicles, or facing down the demon Death Bringer and the prejudice of his fellow fighter pilots with Akuleh of clan Masou in her military space fantasy series, The Seventh Shaman, Air Force veteran Diann T. Read’s books “handle action-adventure scenes with that rare mixture of poise and authority, grace and grittiness, which leaves a reader breathless, heart-pounding, wholly caught up in the story.” (Elizabeth Moon, award-winning author of Once a Hero and Rules of Engagement.)



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